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When I was a freshman in high school I was a pudgy 110 lbs and had never competed in a sport. I was in fact the smallest boy in the school. The wrestling coach didn't have anyone for the 101 lb weight class and he tracked me down to join the team. "I'm not forfeiting the weight class all year" he said. I refused, of course. But he persisted and made a huge difference in my life. I started on the varsity team and pretty much got my ass kicked all year long. It's amazing how many kids that small have been wrestling for years! But thus began my appreciation for physical conditioning. When I graduated high school I promised myself that I would always stay in shape. Whatever time it takes, you get it back in multiples. It's been a challenge, but at 53 years old I feel pretty good about my conditioning. So when Michael approached me at the gym this cause spoke to me. I've started two companies, with varying degrees of success, and know what a challenging and rewarding journey entrepreneurship can be. Anything we can do to prepare young people to pursue their dream, give them the skills and attitudes to succeed, is a priceless gift. I hope to do for some young person what my wrestling coach did for me. To break through their ideas about themselves and create an entirely new future. Please support me in this cause. Thank you, we can't make it happen with out you.

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The Connecticut Invention Convention (CIC), a 36-year-old, 501c3 nonprofit organization, is the nation’s largest continuously operating program for K-12 student inventors and entrepreneurs.

100% of the proceeds raised by Push For Entrepreneurship are donated to CIC.

CIC’s mission is to teach students creative problem-solving techniques through inventing, innovating, and entrepreneurship, by teachers trained in CIC’s programs. CIC programs have been endorsed by CT’s educational leaders as promoting creativity and critical thinking, and have received prestigious recognition, including trips to the White House Science Fairs.

  1. In Connecticut, more than 17,000 K-12 students in nearly 300 schools annually have CIC classroom-based programs.

  2. Students compete in their schools and winners present their inventions at local and district events and at the state wide convention in May.

  3. Selected state winners advance to the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation in Dearborn, Michigan, in June.

  4. CIC inventors comprises 50% girls and 26% minority students, with program growth focused in under-served school districts.

  5. CIC inventors pursue entrepreneurship through patenting, investment, and commercialization.

Your donation will be used to provide hundreds of Bridgeport, Norwalk, and New Haven K-12 students the opportunity to participate in a program that will change their lives and our futures.

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