Anyone between the ages of 5 and 70 who wants to accomplish something that very few people would even think possible, can do 20 push-ups, admires entrepreneurs, believes innovation is the key to the future, and loves challenges.


Commit to raise at least $200 of donations + sign waiver.
Fairfield University and high school students to raise at least $100.


There are a lot of similarities between starting a business and doing two hours of pushing.
1. Both are extraordinarily hard
2. Most will say you are crazy
3. Very few people ever try
4. Both are mentally challenging
5. You have no idea if you will be successful
6. Very few people can help you
7. Both endeavors take 100% commitment and a winning attitude
8. Preparation, practice, and planning are key
9. Both involve giving up a part of your life to accomplish something you have never done
10. When you achieve ... it's all yours and it can never be taken away from you

There were 1,900,000 half marathons and 490,000 marathons finished in the US last year.
Guess how many people pushed for two hours? Only 4,536!


Veterans Park
909 Reef Road
Fairfield, CT

Note: All pushers are required to sign a Waiver and Release form attesting to their physical ability to participate safely in the Push for Entrepreneurship event as well as releasing Push for Entrepreneurship, Fairfield University, and the Connecticut Invention Convention from all liability for accidents that may take place before and during the event.