Can you do
two hours of
push ups?

The Cause

100% of the proceeds raised by this event will be donated to Connecticut Invention Convention, a non for profit. CIC is the nation’s largest continuously operating program for K-8 student inventors and entrepreneurs.


PFE Meteoric Growth


There are a lot of similarities between starting a business and doing two hours of pushing.

  1. Both are extraordinarily hard
  2. Most will say you are crazy
  3. Very few people ever try
  4. Both are mentally challenging
  5. You have no idea if you will be successful
  6. Very few people can help you
  7. Both endeavors take 100% commitment and a winning attitude
  8. Preparation, practice and planning are key
  9. Both involve giving up a part of your life to accomplish something you have never done.
  10. When you achieve ……it’s all yours and can never be taken away from you

There are 2,046,000 half marathons finished in the US last year and 550,637 marathons. Guess how many people have pushed for two hours?

Watch Two Hours in 5 minutes