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Our Epiphany

Entrepreneurship improves our lives, creates exceptional wealth, leads to dramatic breakthroughs in art, healthcare, education, commerce, science — and most importantly provides young people with paths to professionally rewarding careers.

However, there’s one overarching problem: few are exposed to this opportunity at a time in their lives when they can best acquire the vision and the zeal for it.

Our epiphany is that young people need contact with the wonders of innovation and excitement of entrepreneurship. That’s why Push for Entrepreneurship was created.

Check out one of our inventors in action!

Participating in PFE will be one of the most gratifying accomplishments of your life, and lead to a rich personal legacy. Do the unthinkable; do 2 hours of pushups.

Our Educational Mission

Growing the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset in K-12 students is best done by taking a Connecticut Invention Convention course, which is now being taught in 250 Connecticut schools.

Check out one of our inventors in action!