Founder’s Letter

Think Big. Get Strong. Make a Difference.

It’s impossible to participate in PFE and not feel that you did something truly special that very few people would even think to attempt. Training for this event energizes you in a unique way. Watching kids present their inventions at the event with the excitement of a kid puts you on Cloud 9. Pushing with a group of friends or colleagues is an awesome team building challenge that brings people together.

The vision for Push for Entrepreneurship (PFE) combines my entrepreneurial business head with my passions to:

  1. Energize all participants to exceed their self-imposed limitations (and do the “impossible”)
  2. Level the playing field for low-income communities to access the best in innovation education
  3. Cultivate and celebrate innovation

I am 100% certain that in this currently tumultuous time – a global COVID pandemic, our racial challenges, growing deficit, and increasing contentious politics – it will be innovation, creative thinking, and open-mindedness to new ideas that will prove most important to in developing solutions and becoming a better society.

PFE is attracting energetic people who are committed to improving the communities they live in and encouraging entrepreneurial solutions to today’s problems.

PPFE is an extraordinary event where pushers will find self-discovery and personal fulfillment in training hard, pushing limits, and thinking big. It’s impossible to have participated and not feel that you did something special that very few people would even think to attempt.

All proceeds of PFE are donated to the Connecticut Invention Convention (CIC), a 39-year-old educational non-profit that is the nation’s largest continuously operating program for K-12 student inventors and entrepreneurs. CIC’s mission is to teach students creative problem-solving techniques through inventing, innovating, and entrepreneurship. Your donation through the PFE Campaign will be used to give K-12 students an opportunity to participate in CIC’s programs in Bridgeport, Norwalk and New Haven schools. CIC builds an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset by teaching students ‘how to fish’ which will help ‘feed them for a lifetime.’

I founded PFE eight years ago as a personal challenge that was totally incomprehensible. Since its inception, 186 pushers have joined me and raised $190,000 towards innovation education in Norwalk, Bridgeport, and New Haven, tripling the number of kids who have taken the CIC course in the last three years.

Here are the ways you can help:

  • Push – start training
  • Recruit – we need pushers!
  • Donate money
  • Volunteer – Judge at a CIC school event

Think Big.  Get Strong.  Make a Difference.

Michael Carter

Chief Push-up Officer